LPIC exam 101 trainer

By Pygmalion  
These questions are intended to help you train for the LPI exam. Please note that they are not official exam questions. 
1. How can you check the integrity and origin of an RPM package?
rpm --checksig package.rpm
rpm --verify package.rpm
rpm -V package.rpm
RPM does not support this.
2. Which of the following device names refer to logical partitions?
3. How would you determine the amount of swapspace currently in use? (choose 2 answers)
top -b -n1 | grep -i swap
swapinfo -l
cat /proc/meminfo | grep -i swap
cat /proc/swapinfo
4. Where can lilo place boot information?
The boot ROM
The boot RAM
The /boot partition
The MBR on a hard drive
5. Your system is becoming a bit unreponsive due to a program with PID 9519. You don't want to kill it. What other option do you have?
nice +10 -p 9519
nice -10 -p 9519
renice +10 -p 9519
renice -10 -p 9519
6. On a Debian system, what command can be used best to install the downloaded package package.deb?
apt-get install package.deb
dpkg -i package.deb
dpkg package.deb
apt install package.deb
7. What command can put suspended jobs into the background?
exec &
8. What command line redirection characters instruct the shell to read from the current input source until a specific word, on a separate line and without trailing spaces, is reached?
9. Which of the following will display the string "oops" when the command foo fails?
foo && echo "oops"
foo || echo "oops"
foo ; echo "oops"
foo | echo "oops"
10. On a Red Hat system, what command will update all installed packages to the latest available version?
yum install
yum update
yum all
yum -a