LPIC exam 101 trainer

By Pygmalion  
These questions are intended to help you train for the LPI exam. Please note that they are not official exam questions. 
1. You administer a system with quota enabled. The powers that be have asked you to add a new user Sam. Sam should have the same amount of diskspace available as his colleague Mose. What command would you use? (choose the best answer)
repquota -a sam -p mose
edquota -p mose sam
quotaon sam -p mose
quotactl -n sam -p mose
2. How would you list all PCI devices on your system?
cat /proc/pci
pci-info -l
3. Which command adds the data in file 'mypackages' to the existing data in the package database?
dpkg --add mypackages
dpkg --merge-avail mypackages
dpkg --update-avail mypackages
dpkg --include-pkg mypackages
4. Your SATA hard disk appears as a SCSI device in the /dev and /proc file systems. Why?
A uniform naming convention is desirable, so both SATA and SCSI are represented as 'sd'.
The SATA protocol is a subset of Serial Attached SCSI.
The SATA drivers communicate SCSI to the next kernel layer (generic disk driver).
This is a low priority kernel bug.
5. How can you convert an ext2 filesystem to ext3?
Unmount the filesystem and execute 'tune2fs -j' on it.
Make a backup and format the partition with 'mke2fs -j'.
Execute 'fsupgrade --from=ext2 --to=ext3' on it.
This cannot be done.
6. The command echo $! will produce what output?
the process id of last background command
the exit status of the last command
the exit status of the last background command
the process id of the current shell
the name of the command being executed
7. What umask value prevents group members from executing a new file, whereas other users can neither execute nor write it?
8. Which of the following characters is an extended regular expression meta-character, but only a regular character in basic regular expressions?
9. Your system is becoming a bit unreponsive due to a program with PID 9519. You don't want to kill it. What other option do you have?
nice +10 -p 9519
nice -10 -p 9519
renice +10 -p 9519
renice -10 -p 9519
10. You want to examine the changelog for the installed package postfix. Which command(s) will display the changelog?
rpm -Vc postfix
rpm -qpil postfix
rpm --changelog postfix
rpm -q --changelog postfix
rpm -qa --changelog postfix