LPIC exam 101 trainer

By Pygmalion  
These questions are intended to help you train for the LPI exam. Please note that they are not official exam questions. 
1. On a Red Hat system, what command will update all installed packages to the latest available version?
yum install
yum update
yum all
yum -a
2. Which of the following characters is an extended regular expression meta-character, but only a regular character in basic regular expressions?
3. What command can be used to kill a process by name?
kill --name
kill -n
4. Which of the following command lines can be used to convert DOS style CRLF line endings to UNIX style LF?
strip '\r' < dosfile > unixfile
tr -d '\r' < dosfile > unixfile
grep '\n' dosfile > unixfile
sed 's/\n//' dosfile > unixfile
5. Which command displays mounted partitions, their mount points and available space?
du -a
6. Which of the following command sequences save the current file and quit the vi editor?
7. Which command would you put in your ~/.profile to ensure that all new files you create are readable by people who are in the same group while anybody else has no access at all? (choose the best answer)
umask 640
ulimit 750
umask 027
ulimit 640
8. You desperately need a program on your Debian box, but all you can find on google is an rpm package for RedHat. What command will allow you to (try to) install this rpm package anyway?
dpkg -ir
9. Which command adds the data in file 'mypackages' to the existing data in the package database?
dpkg --add mypackages
dpkg --merge-avail mypackages
dpkg --update-avail mypackages
dpkg --include-pkg mypackages
10. In which directory must definition files be placed to add additional repositories to yum?