LPIC exam 101 trainer

By Pygmalion  
These questions are intended to help you train for the LPI exam. Please note that they are not official exam questions. 
1. On a Red Hat system, what command will update all installed packages to the latest available version?
yum install
yum update
yum all
yum -a
2. How can you check the integrity and origin of an RPM package?
rpm --checksig package.rpm
rpm --verify package.rpm
rpm -V package.rpm
RPM does not support this.
3. Which of the following commands will NOT update the Modify timestamp on the file /tmp/myfile.txt?
file /tmp/myfile.txt
echo "Hello" >/tmp/myfile.txt
sed -i "s/1/2/" /tmp/myfile.txt
echo -n "Hello" >/tmp/myfile.txt
touch /tmp/myfile.txt
4. Which of the following lines in grub.conf would set the first partition of the first drive as the root partition?
root (hd0,0)
boot (hd0,0)
root (hd0,1)
boot (hd0,1)
root (hd1,1)
boot (hd1,1)
5. File 'script' in your current directory has mode string -rwxr-xr-x, yet the command './script' yields './script: Permission denied'. How would you explain?
'script' can only be executed by the file owner.
'script' is not an executable file.
'script' is in a filesystem mounted with 'noexec'.
A needed shared library cannot be opened.
6. You administer a system with quota enabled. The powers that be have asked you to add a new user Sam. Sam should have the same amount of diskspace available as his colleague Mose. What command would you use? (choose the best answer)
repquota -a sam -p mose
edquota -p mose sam
quotaon sam -p mose
quotactl -n sam -p mose
7. Which command can be used to display shared libraries required by a program?
8. Which of the following can be used to alter the priority of a running process?
9. Where can lilo place boot information?
The boot ROM
The boot RAM
The /boot partition
The MBR on a hard drive
10. Given the command 'ps -auxw | tee list', where will the process list be sent?
To standard output and to standard error.
To standard output and to a file called tee.
To standard output and to a file called list.
To a file called tee and to a file called list.