LPIC exam 101 trainer

By Pygmalion  
These questions are intended to help you train for the LPI exam. Please note that they are not official exam questions. 
1. User Pygmalion has successfully extracted and compiled a program from source code. Installing the binaries produces errors. What is the most likely reason?
The source code was compiled for a different CPU.
The permissions set in the /usr/bin directory are wrong.
The binaries require root privileges to be installed.
The wrong prefix was used during configuration of the source code.
2. You want to examine the changelog for the installed package postfix. Which command(s) will display the changelog?
rpm -Vc postfix
rpm -qpil postfix
rpm --changelog postfix
rpm -q --changelog postfix
rpm -qa --changelog postfix
3. Given the command 'ps -auxw | tee list', where will the process list be sent?
To standard output and to standard error.
To standard output and to a file called tee.
To standard output and to a file called list.
To a file called tee and to a file called list.
4. Would a user other than the owner or root be able to read a file with permission 744?
5. Which of the following commands will NOT execute the bash script /usr/local/bin/runme.sh?
source /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
. /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
/bin/bash /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
run /usr/local/bin/runme.sh
6. What command(s) can be used for a find and replace in a text file or a text stream?
7. You desperately need a program on your Debian box, but all you can find on google is an rpm package for RedHat. What command will allow you to (try to) install this rpm package anyway?
dpkg -ir
8. Which of the following will display the string "oops" when the command foo fails?
foo && echo "oops"
foo || echo "oops"
foo ; echo "oops"
foo | echo "oops"
9. What octal mode corresponds to the mode string rwxr-sr-x?
None of the above.
10. Your serial modem is not working. You start suspecting there's an IRQ conflict somewhere in the system. What command would you use to determine the modem's IRQ (the modem is on COM1)?
setserial /dev/ttyS0
cat /proc/interrupts
getserial /dev/ttyS0
cat /proc/irqs