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Discover the Heart of Your City, Captured in Artistic Detail.

Welcome to our unique collection of handcrafted products that celebrate the essence of cities. Our beautifully stylized black and white maps, painstakingly created using QGIS, capture the intricate details that make each city special. Whether you’re a proud resident, a nostalgic native, or a wanderer who’s fallen in love with a city, our prints bring cherished memories to life.

Each design is a labor of love, a fusion of geography and art that tells a story of streets walked, landmarks admired, and memories made. With our posters, mugs, tote bags, and t-shirts, you can carry a piece of your favorite city wherever you go.

Explore our collection and find the perfect piece that resonates with your personal connection to a city. Experience the joy of owning something truly unique, a conversation starter that sparks nostalgia and pride. Welcome to our world of city maps reimagined.