Review: Evers Automatisierungstechnik, Kleve

In the winter of 2021/2022, I had a problem with a housemate. I had agreed to let this person stay temporarily under my roof, but her behavior was dreadful. One of the issues I had to address was the heating costs. The housemate was sensitive to the cold and an avid smoker. Consequently, she always smoked with the thermostat set at 30 degrees Celsius and all windows open. This was not a technical problem per se, but socially, I couldn’t resolve it at that time (although I managed to do so eventually). However, a technical solution seemed feasible for that winter. That was the initial situation.

Although I have some technical knowledge, back then I knew little to nothing about smart heating solutions, with sensors, thermostat knobs communicating via LORA, etc. I now know that setting up such systems is quite straightforward. At that time, I reached out to the company Evers because I had other things on my mind and simply wanted to pay for an effective solution.

The quotation took a few weeks to arrive. It mainly consisted of text and a total amount at the bottom. No specific amounts were itemized above the total, but below the total, everything was detailed down to the last cent. Nonetheless, the amount did not seem excessively high to me, so I decided to give the green light for the solution.

Then it became silent. Admittedly, I missed a call from Mr. Evers sometime in the spring. I mentioned that I found this form of communication rather sparse and belated to keep me informed about the progress.

In early summer, Mr. Evers wanted to schedule an appointment to implement the solution at my place. The sun was high in the sky, and the heating had been turned off for a long time. I informed him that his services were no longer needed.

He then wanted to send the bill. In his explanation, he was honest and sincere. He had pre-programmed the parts to be used in a way that they would no longer be usable for other customers, and he intended to install them in my home. I didn’t find this reassuring, but his honesty about how he handles his materials is commendable. That earned him a second star on Google.

I taught myself how such systems work. It requires little money and technical knowledge if one makes the right purchases, which is not very difficult in Germany.

I have since moved into another house, equipped with sensors and smart thermostats that I installed myself, and without disruptive housemates. Some adventures are simply not worth pursuing if one informs oneself a bit. That’s what I learned from my experience with Evers.