Using a cellphone as a GPRS modem in Ubuntu (8.04)

We’re using a LG KC 910 Renoir.

Connect the phone to your computer over the USB cable. Accept the connection in “PC Suite” mode or something similar (that is: not as a mass storage device).

Make sure you have the wvdial package installed. Then type:

sudo wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf

The device (e.g. ttyACM0) will be scanned and the configuration file will be updated. Edit the file as root (sudo vi /etc/wvdial.conf) to include the following lines:

Phone = *99#
Username =
Password = <gprspassword>
Stupid Mode = 1

User and password depend on your operator. You may find what you’re looking for on this page:

The phone number is the GPRS dial-up and may vary as well. We used these lines to connect to KPN in the Netherlands:

Phone = *99#
Username = KPN
Password = gprs
Stupid Mode = 1

Run wvdial to set-up a PPP connection:

sudo wvdial

You should now have a working connection. DNS server entries have been updated in /etc/resolve.conf

You may need to adjust the routing table. Check it out:


If you see a line with destination and gateway *, remove it:

sudo route del

Then add the correct gateway line:

sudo route add default gw