Fix ‘Route relation contains too much data’ in routino

When trying to create routino 3.3.3 databases from larger protobuf files in QMapShack we run into the error message ‘Route relation contains too much data’. This can be solved as follows.

– Download the routino source.
Install the required dependencies. If you are on Windows you need to do this in Cygwin.
– Find the file sorting.h and change the line

define FILESORT_VARINT   uint16_t


define FILESORT_VARINT   uint32_t

– Build the project by typing


– Use the newly built planetsplitter to process the .pbf file. Here is an example on Windows (with Cygwin):

$ ./src/planetsplitter.exe --dir=C:/Users/pygmalion/QMapShack/Routino --prefix=nl 
--tagging=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/QMapShack/routino-xml/tagging.xml 
--parse-only /cygdrive/c/Users/pygmalion/Downloads/netherlands-latest.osm.pbf
$ ./src/planetsplitter.exe --dir=C:/Users/serge/QMapShack/Routino --prefix=nl 
--tagging=/cygdrive/c/Program\ Files/QMapShack/routino-xml/tagging.xml --process-only

You may want to replace the planetspitter executable in your QMapShack installation.